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How to read while backpacking

As well as all things bookish, one of my other big loves is travelling.  In 2008, my fiancé and I backpacked around the world for 4 months, and are continuing the adventure at the moment during a working holiday in New Zealand.  We blog about travel at our website 60 litres.  (60 litres being the size of the backpacks all our worldly goods are transported in!)  I did have a ‘books’ page on that site, but now that I have figuratively given birth to The Literary Owl, I am moving its contents here.  So firstly, here is my ‘travelling with books’ philosophy:

When travelling, there are 3 choices for a book lover: (a) Take a larger backpack or skimp on clothes to enable room for more books; (b) Buy a Kindle or other such e-book reader so that thousands of books can be taken with you; or (c) Take one or two books with you and then swap them along the way at hostels or with people you meet.  The last time I went travelling I opted for (c), and despite a brief thought of buying a Kindle after I found out how many books could be stored on them, in the end I couldn’t face the thought of not having a physical book in my hands so I have gone with (c) again.  At some hostels the choice is small and not all of the books you are faced with are in a language you understand, so you end up reading things you may not have picked before and can be pleasantly surprised.  Equally the book may be rubbish and your reasoning for not picking that genre/author before will be reinforced, but that’s okay too!

At the moment we are settled in Auckland for at least the next 2 months so I have been able to take advantage of joining the library.  While I certainly miss being on the open road, I am comforting myself by drowning in books!


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