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Meet my blogging assistant

I am currently typing with one hand due to my assistant sitting on my lap and demanding to be stroked.  I am of course referring to an assistant of the feline variety; meet my beautiful rescue cat, (and fellow book lover), Sebastian:


My husband and I adopted Sebastian in the autumn of 2012 and he is now just over 6 months old.  His last family decided that they didn’t want him anymore after he had to have an eye removed.  We couldn’t believe that people could be so heartless but we are so happy to have him in our lives, and we spoil him with lots of love and cuddles every day.

He is qualified to assist me with this blog because he loves chewing books, playing with bookmarks, rolling pens around on the floor, and typing on my laptop by walking across the keys or sitting on it while I am in the middle of doing anything important.  He may not post anything that makes sense to us humans, but I am sure he has a really important message for his cat brothers and sisters around the world.

iiiiiiiiiiiiihsj from him, and Happy Friday from me.


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