Quotation of the Day

I am currently reading 2 books.  The first is ‘The Stranger’s Child’ by Alan Hollinghurst, which has been hailed as a masterpiece, but hasn’t wowed me so far (I’m on page 191).  The other is ‘The Importance of being Seven’ from the author of today’s quote, Alexander McCall Smith.  I have turned up rather late to the McCall Smith party, having only read my first of his books during the summer of 2012 when I picked up a copy of ‘Friends, Lovers, Chocolate’, the second in the Isabel Dalhousie series, from a homestay in Ubud, Bali.  Since then I have read more from that series, and also become rather addicted to the 44 Scotland Street series, of which ‘The Importance of Being Seven’ is the 6th novel.  The wonderful thing about not having discovered his greatness earlier is that there are so many of his books left that I have not yet read, so I don’t have the agonising wait for any new material and can still raid the library of his back catalogue.  I will talk more about his work when I write my review of ‘The Importance of Being Seven’, but for now here’s a quote:



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